A year in review: Crime Free Multi-Housing

Nearly half of the city’s multi-housing rental properties participate in the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) program, a service extended by the Saskatoon Police that offers safe rental housing in Saskatoon. The program consists of three unique phases, including training, inspection and a resident safety social. Another added benefit the program offers is to notify our participants when SPS members attend their properties.

In November of last year we hosted our Phase one seminar on Landlord Management Training, which provides an introduction to best practices for maintaining a crime-free rental property. We had 19 participants who, together manage almost 3,000 suites at 90 sites throughout Saskatoon.  Everyone that attended said they would recommend the seminar to their colleagues.

“I greatly enjoyed the experience and gained a lot of knowledge.”

We also conducted six on site security inspections (phase two). Saskatoon has over 800 multi-housing rental properties and most were built between 40 and 100 years ago. We’ve found that very few of these properties have the security basics fully in place. This includes functional deadbolts and eye viewers (no door chains) for suite doors, working locks on accessible windows and patio doors, appropriate lighting outside and building addressing.

We participated in the first safety social for a rental property on 22nd Street late last year. Residents of the apartment were invited by property managers to enjoy snacks and non-alcoholic beverages and get to know each other. The event was a huge success amongst residents.


Our quarterly newsletter was sent out in the fall and provided the nearly 300 program participants with information on current crime trends at rental housing units in Saskatoon, including bicycle thefts, gang take-overs of apartments, payback fraud scams, vehicle thefts and arson. We also provided an article on the Saskatoon Housing Coalition, an organization that provides safe housing for people with mental illnesses, gave suggestions to landlords on resources and protocols to assist them in dealing with residents with mental illness.

In the past year we’ve noticed significant drops in both crimes against the person and crimes against property at Crime Free Multi-Housing participating properties. Any landlords that are interested in participating in the program are welcome to check out our web pages or contact us directly by calling (306) 975-8385 or by e-mailing cfmh@police.saskatoon.sk.ca.

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