#askSPS: Operation Crossroads

In August 2012, we started our monthly #askSPS Twitter chats to answer everyone’s questions quickly and efficiently. Topics have included two chats with our Chief Clive Weighill, and the Street Gang,¬†Traffic, and our Crime Free Multi-Housing Units.

This month, our #askSPS chat will look a bit different. Instead of only giving you one hour to ask your questions, I’m giving you an entire day!¬†Tomorrow, I’ll be jumping in with one of our Traffic members as we participate in Operation Crossroads, a province-wide traffic safety blitz. All questions traffic-related will be answered by myself and the officer I’m riding with.

Officers will be paying extra attention to motorists and pedestrians violating traffic laws at intersections, such as failing to yield to pedestrians or oncoming traffic, disobeying stop signs or traffic lights, or jaywalking.

I will be tweeting out things that we’re seeing as well as taking any of your questions from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. And remember to use the #askSPS hashtag!

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