Buzzing Through Security

On December 31, 2013, Police received a call that was a little out of the ordinary. It went into the books as ‘suspicious activity’ because there really was no other code to describe it.

A passenger was reported to be attempting to transport honey bees through airport security – in his pants pockets. Don’t worry, he had them in holding cages called ‘attendants’.

Once a police officer responded, it was determined that although it was a breach of policy, because he hadn’t left the country, no laws had been broken. He was told that he could continue on with his travel plans if he surrendered the bees.

The passenger agreed to this, but before he carried on his way, it was explained that if he plans on transporting bees via air in the future, he needed to have the proper paperwork.

In the end, all parties were satisfied and the passenger passed through security without any other issues!

Let this be a reminder to travelers to make sure you have the correct paperwork filled out if you wish to transport ‘things’ of an out of the ordinary nature.

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2 Responses to Buzzing Through Security

  1. Jennifer Briere says:

    What happened to the bees?? We’re they released? 🙂

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