Guidelines for Friday’s Tweet-A-Thon

Over the last few years, the spread of online discussions through social media has helped to establish and maintain stronger connections between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Police Twitter

Replacing November’s #askSPS chat on Twitter is #spscalls where we’ll take you inside our Communications centre the night after Halloween. On Friday, November 1, 2013, from 8pm – 2am, we will be giving you the inside scoop.

Based on the feedback from the same event in March, we want to again show you what our officers encounter on a Friday night, virtually of course.

This event will also be part of the sequel to a Global Tweet-A-Thon that was held in March 2013 with the goal of bringing attention to the use of social media by law enforcement agencies across the world. Agencies will contribute to the global conversation using the same hashtag, #poltwt, to create awareness about police work and issues that police forces face as well as to promote the use of social media in policing.

For safety and privacy reasons, we have a few guidelines that the information released will follow:

Types of Calls: Police are frequently called to highly sensitive situations, including suicides, and domestic and sexual assaults. For victim sensitivity, these calls will not be tweeted.

Specifics: Follow-up questions and specific questions relating to open files will not be addressed so as to maintain integrity of the investigation, victim privacy, and public and officer safety.

Location: Specific locations of calls will not be included in the tweet. Rather, they will be categorized into the three divisions of the city (Northwest / Central / East).

City Divisions

For those not on Twitter, you can still follow #spscalls by visiting TweetChat.

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