Helping victims of Domestic Violence: VAWIC

In 1996, various agencies in Saskatoon came together to form the Violence Against Women Interagency Committee (VAWIC). Still active today, the purpose of this committee is to advocate, support and address gaps in services for women who are victims of intimate partner violence (domestic abuse). Intimate partner violence does not discriminate based on a person’s ethnicity, culture, social status, age or sexual orientation.  Intimate partner violence affects each and every man, woman or child in a family, and has a far reaching impact on those on the periphery – adult children, co-workers, friends, church community, the children’s school, recreational activities and more.

Children who witness intimate partner violence are affected in ways that can be evident at the time, but may also show up later in life. Children who see and/or hear violence in the home may believe this is a normal part of family life. They may mimic their parents or feel confused by conflicting feelings of love, fear and hurt. They may lose respect for or direct anger towards a parent.

In November 2003, informal discussions began between the Saskatoon Prosecutions Office and the Saskatoon Provincial Court to consider implementing a domestic violence court in Saskatoon. In September 2005, the Saskatoon Domestic Violence Court became a reality. Specialized treatment/program options are offered to female/male offenders, same-sex couples and immigrants. In the court, Domestic Violence Court Caseworkers, offer support to victims of intimate partner violence.

Abuse is wrong in any language.

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