How to follow @SaskatoonPolice on Twitter!

Police TwitterSince August 2012, we’ve held a Twitter chat, dubbed #askSPS, every month. These are held with various units of the Service to increase our communities understanding about what they do, how they work and answer any questions that the community may have. (You can find transcripts of these chats here.) However, one drawback of these chats is that participation is limited to Twitter users, so I wanted to put together a guide to help you sign up for Twitter and follow @SaskatoonPolice.

Aside from our #askSPS chats, we also put out other relative and timely information via the official Saskatoon Police Service Twitter account, such as traffic advisories, community events, crime prevention information and crime alerts.

Here is a quick guide to getting started with Twitter. I hope it helps!

1. Navigate to

2. Fill out the form on the right under the heading, “New to Twitter?” and click the ‘Sign up for Twitter’ button when you’re finished.

New to Twitter

3. Next, you can adjust the choices that you’ve made and pick your username, or ‘handle’. Twitter will suggest a handle but you can pick your own, as long as its not being used by anyone else. You will notice in the second screen shot that we changed ours from the suggested choice.


Adjust handle

4. The next screen is a welcome screen. The screen after that is where you choose to follow @SaskatoonPolice and whomever else you want.


5. Here, you will also be introduced to famous people on Twitter as well as people you may already know. You can fill it out or, if in a hurry, you can skip it.

Build your timeline2

6. The following screen will ask you to upload a picture of yourself and write a short bio. These are optional and can be returned to later.

Profile description

7. If you have followed these directions, the next screen you see should look like this.

Final(This is your home screen, or Timeline)

Congratulations, you are now following @SaskatoonPolice on Twitter! See you in the Twitterverse! 

Twitter birds hatching

If you would like to enhance your Twitter experience, put together this in-depth guide to Twitter.

 If you have any questions, comment on this post and I’ll reply with an answer.

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