In Memory of Diego

The SPS is mourning the loss of one of its police service dogs.

On March 14, 2014, Diego, a seven and a half year old German Shepherd, passed away following a short bout with cancer. He had been with the SPS for five years.

Diego was a highly trained and accomplished PSD. He was the only SPS canine with explosive detection abilities and as such was sent to Regina to sniff out Mosaic Stadium prior to the Grey Cup last year.

While he was very successful, Cst. Lalonde remembers Diego’s first ‘catch’ – if you can call it that. PSDs are trained for protection and apprehension. However, when Diego tracked down his first suspect, he instead gave him a dog kiss instead of using the usual apprehension tactics.

He eventually got the hang of it and during his tenure with the SPS, Diego and Cst. Lalonde played a part in nabbing nearly 150 bad guys. That doesn’t include the hundreds of other tracks they did in search of people or in the collection of evidence.

Life with the SPS wasn’t always all work and no play. Cst. Lalonde and Diego visited many organizations and schools. One such event was the K9 Cops for Kids Christmas Campaign in 2012. Diego’s demeanor and floppy ear brought smiles to the faces of the children and their families that would be spending their Christmas in the hospital.

Diego will be missed by Cst. Lalonde and his family, as well as the entire Saskatoon Police Service.

PSD Diego

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16 Responses to In Memory of Diego

  1. Darren Schoonbaert says:

    Very sorry to hear of your loss, which is a loss to all of us who depend on your services everyday.

  2. Leanne Wilson says:

    So sorry for your loss I know they become part of our families not just your partner. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Steven Ameer-Beg says:

    My deepest condolences go out to the SPS and Cst Lalonde. I’m sure that you’ll miss him dearly, but never forget that he’s always a part of you no matter what. R.I.P Diego 🙁

  4. Murray Pollock says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss Joey. He served you and the citizens of Saskatoon well and will be missed by all who knew him. I only got to see him work in competition but he was a joy to watch. I can only imagine what he was like on the street. From all of us at CPS K9 our heart felt condolences to you, your family and your SPS family.

  5. Jennifer Ulvick says:

    My sympathy to the SPS and Diego’s family.
    Prayers and loving thoughts are with all of you at this very sad and difficult time.
    Diego will be keeping law and order in Rainbow Heaven.
    Rest in peace and comfort dear sweet Diego.Run free of pain, be happy.
    High paws for all your good work!

  6. Serena Macdougall says:

    No time on earth is long enough to share with the dogs we love, or prepare our hearts to say goodbye.
    With Sympathy

  7. Cst S. Young RPS says:

    Sympathies to SPS and Cst Lalonde for your loss of PSD Diego! His tour is complete and will live on in your memories and heart! Take care.

  8. Geoff Anthony Paramedic MD Ambulance says:

    He was a great dog Joey and did great things. We’ll all miss him none more than you though I’m sure. Some of us are fortunate enough to meet and spend a little time with these dogs and see them work and play. Hopefully see you out there one of these days so I can say thanks in person.


  9. Lyle Braaten says:

    My family and myself are sorry for your loss. Police dogs play a big role as partners in service and in your family’s also. It hurts to all when a loved one passes away but it’s the memories that we will hold onto. Thank you to PSD’S and the police service for all that you do to keep us safe.

    Our condolences

  10. Collin Kowalchuk says:

    Our sincerest condolences. It is so hard to let go of family! Please be safe in this time of mourning!

  11. Heidi says:

    Deepest condolences on the loss of your PSD Partner.


    You have a special place, Dear Lord
    that I know you always keep.
    A special place reserved for dogs,
    to peacefully fall asleep.

    A place with fluffy pillows,
    and a yard for hiding bones.
    With maybe a little babbling creek,
    that rushes over stones.

    With wide green fields and flowers,
    for those who never knew,
    of running, playing freely,
    under a sky of perfect blue.

    Lord, I know you keep this special place,
    and so to you I pray,
    for one oh so special dog,
    who came to you today.

    He was full of strength and love,
    and so very, very wise.
    The puppy look he once had,
    this morning left his eyes.

    He will be dearly missed, Dear Lord,
    This special love of mine.
    But, now he’ll romp and play,
    in your land that’s so divine.

    Speak to my baby softly, please
    with a hug and a warm hello.
    He’s a special gift to you, dear Lord,
    from me-who loved him so.

  12. Bev Beatty says:

    My condolences to Cst. Lalonde on the loss of Diego who was a cherished friend as much as a partner. Thank you Diego for keeping our city safe, you are a hero. Rest in peace and be happy now at Rainbow Bridge.

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  14. jackie lehouilliet says:

    So sorry – they are truely love animals

  15. Shirley Huffman says:

    Joey and family,
    We are sad for your loss of your partner and family member, Diego.
    We didn’t hear about it till we saw the interview on the news.
    It is always hard to lose a friend. RIP Diego where you can run free of pain.
    So glad to see you have a new partner Matrix and wish you well with him.
    Police officers and their dogs are true heros.

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