Internet Banking Fraud Text Messages

We’ve received a large number of people who reported receiving text messages in regards to online banking lately. Thankfully, they’ve all recognized the attempted fraud. It usually looks something like this:

Example of Internet Banking Fraud Text

Example of Internet Banking Fraud Text

Unfortunately, there is little that the Saskatoon Police Service can do, and here’s why:

Internet fraud, specifically dealing with email fraud, is done via sophisticated organized criminal elements originating anywhere in the world and are nearly impossible to trace back to an originating source. Many of these frauds utilize encrypted software masking their true IP addresses thus ensuring the criminal fraudster anonymity. In addition, our police resources are limited in reach in investigating these offence.

If you receive one of these messages, do NOT click on the links. And if you would like to report it, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre instead of the SPS. The Anti-Fraud Centre will collect and categorize the information, and once a common theme is identified, the information is passed on to a larger Police agency, such as Interpol, that has the resources to investigate.

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