New HQ

The current home of the Saskatoon Police was constructed in 1977 and built for only a staff of 300. Today, there are approximately 650 staff. This created the need for more space as the City grew and the need for more police personnel grew. Now, we pay $1,000,000 in leases each year to work out of nine locations across the city.

The proposal of a new Police Headquarters is something that three Chiefs worked on and finally, on June 13, 2011, our proposal for a new building was made official by City Council.

Looking at pictures, we’ve certainly come a long way in just a year and a half.

The project is still on time, and on budget, with a highly anticipated completion date late in 2013. Right now, there’s approximately 150 busy bodies working on the site daily.

The building is 90 per cent enclosed and winter heated. One of the more exciting parts is that different areas of the service are taking shape – the parking lots, the detention cells, the office spaces, the community gymnasium and even the lobby!

Below are some pictures to show you the progress!

The building is nearly 90 per cent enclosed. The open part in the front is going to be home to our Community Services. This includes our Crime Free Multi-Housing program, School Resource Officers, Community Liaison Officers and Cultural Resource Unit. This building will also house three classrooms to be used for community purposes.

Offices and areas are starting to take shape!

The two-story lobby.

The outside of the gymnasium.


You can visit the New Headquarters page on the SPS website for more information and photos as our new home moves towards completion!

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