Public Advisory – Credit Card Fraud

Saskatoon Police are asking retail merchants to be watchful for credit card fraud. Two separate groups are believed to be operating in Saskatoon with two specific methods.

CC Fraud


One group is manually entering credit card data in place of an apparent debit card transaction. Clerks are then having the ‘customer’ sign a receipt but are not asking to see the actual credit card. In this case, the merchant suffers the financial loss.

A second method is via the production of counterfeit credit cards that contain data from legitimate cards. Merchants are asked to watch closely for credit cards that may not have legitimate security features such as holograms and chip technology.

Merchants should be mindful of these frauds and strictly follow their company’s policies. Potential victims, essentially anyone with credit or debit cards, should carefully monitor their account activities and report unknown or suspicious charges to their financial institutions. As opposed to “cleaning-out” an account, criminals often charge small amounts in the hope that they will remain unnoticed.

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One Response to Public Advisory – Credit Card Fraud

  1. Carter B says:

    No matter how much technology that goes into the security side, there’s always some people out there trying to figure out a way around it, eh? Just goes to show how careful we have to be both as merchants and consumers with sensitive information.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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