PUBLIC ADVISORY: Secret / Mystery Shopper Scam

Saskatoon Police are advising the public to be aware of secret shopper scams following at least two recent reports of people being defrauded.

The fraud takes place when victims are enticed by ads on the Internet to become mystery shoppers.  They receive a letter and a cheque and told to deposit the cheque as part of the employment.  They are asked to transfer some of that money through a money transfer company. Victims then learn that the cheque was fraudulent and they won’t get back the money they transferred.

The best way to prevent secret shopper fraud from occurring is to ignore the attractive but fraudulent ads on the Internet.  If you receive a secret shopper letter or cheque in the mail destroy it.  You can also report the fraudulent letter and cheque to  If you have been a victim of fraud please call Saskatoon Police at (306) 975-8300 or visit and click on online reporting.

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  1. Halchris says:

    Well my wife was just scammed through this procedure and the company was labelled premier shoppers. $3000 in total… Be leery of any secret shopper company that is checking money transfers.

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