Question from Twitter – Splashing a Pedestrian

Splashing Pedestrian

Warm weather + Melting snow + Backed-up storm drains = Big puddles.

As a pedestrian, the last thing you want is to be splashed by a passing motorist while on your commute. But fear not, you’re entitled to feel more than just anger and frustration.

Under the Traffic Bylaw, motorists can be fined for splashing a pedestrian using a sidewalk or crosswalk.

If you’ve taken an unwanted (or unwarranted) bath, here are some things you should make note of in order to file a successful police report:

  • License Plate – the starting point for the investigation
  • Vehicle Description – need to verify it matches the license plate you provided
  • Driver Description – Male, female, race, etc. (because it might not have been the registered owner driving)
  • Location, time of day and description of incident

Once you’ve made note of as many details as you can, you are able to report it by attending to Police HQ or calling our non-emergency line (306-975-8300) to make arrangements for an officer to come and take a report.

If we are able to write a ticket, we are writing it based primarily on the information you have provided. If the suspect denies responsibility, it could go to court and you would be required to attend as a victim/witness, similar to reporting traffic violations.

While we can’t guarantee every report will result in the writing of a ticket, we are committed to investigating it.

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4 Responses to Question from Twitter – Splashing a Pedestrian

  1. Sandra Ryan says:

    Yes it is frustrating to be splashed by a motorist,
    And i might get a little peeved at the time that it
    Happens. But honestly, ivthink it would be a big
    Waste of Police time to do this. I think the Police
    Have more important crimes to worry about. After
    All it is that time of year, and i don’t think motorists
    Set out to splash people.

  2. Lise McGillis says:

    Does this include someone who is standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus? It happened to me yesterday. And the worst part is the driver purposely swerved to splash through the puddle which was close to the curb.

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