Special Events Policing

Throughout the year, hundreds of events take place in Saskatoon that make the city a wonderful place to live. Whenever people gather in public spaces, it becomes the responsibility of the Saskatoon Police Service to ensure everyone can safely enjoy themselves. Often, multiple police officers are required for this, and costs can add up.

The Saskatoon Police Service provides contract policing services (known as special duty) to organizers of special events and other organizations that require policing services that are not funded by the SPS.

Many of the police officers that you may encounter at some of our city’s festivals or other large events are actually funded by the event organizers. As a civic agency, we strive to be fiscally responsible. Providing special duty policing services allows us to provide policing at large scale events, making our citizens feel safe while attending them without placing an excessive burden on taxpayers.

The SPS works with the City of Saskatoon and various other government agencies to determine the level of policing required for specific events.

In addition to special events, special duty police are often contracted for activities such as the escort of oversized load moves through the city, parades, roadway events, civic celebrations, sporting events, traffic control and crowd management. They can be a one time, annual or infrequent activity that take place within facilities or on roadways in the City.

The police officers who staff these positions are not drawn from our on-duty resources. They remain under the command of the SPS and will not perform duties that are not usually performed by police officers.

To find out more about the process for hiring special duty police, visit our website.

To request special events policing, fill out the form here.

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