SPS & Community Race Against Racism

As the sound of the Police siren filled the air down at Victoria Park, hundreds of running shoes pounded the pavement to mark the beginning of the 3rd annual Race Against Racism. Members of the Cultural Resources Unit, School Resource Unit, Police Volunteers and of course our Chief, all got together with over 400 of our friends who all had the same goal: to provide a positive environment for people of all ages, cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds to gather and promote an active healthy lifestyle, while encouraging positive police community relations.


The outpouring of support is and continues to be tremendous. Year after year the community of Saskatoon supports this event. The Race showcases the community of Saskatoon and its rich diversity and it’s willingness to work together to confront issues like racism that are tough to talk about but still exist. The more we stand silent and say nothing, the more issues like racism will win. We had a number of youth and high school students supporting the Race. Their contribution as future leaders of our community were strongly felt as they supported the goals of the Race and the Food Bank.


“Cram the Cruiser”

This year all proceeds went towards supporting the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. Everyone was also encouraged to provide a non-perishable food item to the Food Bank through our ‘Cram the Cruiser’ initiative. We have over $1,200 and a Police Cruiser full of food to provide to the Food Bank and Learning Centre!!


John Noon performs the Honor Song prior to the Race Against Racism.

At the conclusion of the race, we had four wonderful performances from the community to entertain the participants and keep the good times rolling. The Boyan Ukrainian Dance Group, Corey Morgan who played the Steel Drums, Chinese Martial Arts Academy and The Strongarm Brothers, Dustin and Sanford who performed an Aboriginal Fancy Dance and song. As well we were fortunate to have John Noon perform the Honor Song prior to Race start.

We look forward to the next year ahead of us and what we will accomplish with the positive steps we are making today.

See you next year at the Race Against Racism 2014!


Post by Cst. Matt Maloney of our Cultural Resources Unit. 

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