SPS Member Finds Kidney Donor

SPS Civilian Member Monica Goulet

“I’ve been floating on a cloud.” That’s how SPS civilian member Monica Goulet has been feeling since finding out a match had been found for a kidney transplant. Monica had kidney issues throughout her life. She was born with a defective kidney, but in her 20’s she found out that it was only working at 60 percent. In 2011 her condition worsened and her life changed dramatically. In 2015 she was placed on a list to receive a transplant, since then it’s been a waiting game.

There were five volunteers among Monica’s friends and family who went through testing, but none were a good match. That was until February 14th this year. Monica’s nephew Jimmy Searson of La Ronge had also volunteered to be tested and on that day they received the good news, Jimmy’s kidney was a good match! Both Jimmy and Monica are excited about the match and the future it promises. “He’s my hero right now,” says Monica.

Monica has many plans in the years to come. She wants to return to work as soon as she can. She also wants to write a book about her experiences, and use her knowledge to help others going through the transplant process. “That’s going to be part of my mission in life; helping others with transplant education. You can live very comfortably with one kidney for many years as long as you take care of it.”

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