The Oath of Police and Secrecy

Yesterday, we swore in five Regular Constables and one Special Constable as new members of the Saskatoon Police Service. On August 12, they will begin their careers at the Saskatchewan Police College, four months of training and education to make sure they’re physically and mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

Part of the swearing in ceremony involves awarding the officer’s their badge. But before they’re given that, they have to take two Oaths – the Oath of Police and the Oath of Secrecy.

After tweeting a picture of the recruits taking their Oaths, I received a question that I hadn’t had before – are the texts [of the Oaths] online or in text at the library? It never occurred to me that people might want to be able to see these.

So, as I wasn’t able to find them online to link to, I’m posting them here.

A new recruit places her hand over the bible during the Oath of Secrecy

A new recruit places her hand over the bible during the Oath of Secrecy

Oath of Police

I _____, swear that I will, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will, to the best of my ability and knowledge, well and truly serve Her Majesty the Queen, uphold the principles in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, preserve the peace, prevent crime and other offences, enforce the law and otherwise discharge the duties of my office faithfully and according to law, so help me God.

Oath of Secrecy

I _____, of the City of Saskatoon, in the Province of Saskatchewan, employed by the Saskatoon Police Service as a peace officer, do promise that, except in the course of judicial proceedings, or pursuant to lawful orders, I will not disclose or allow to be disclosed any confidential information obtained in the performance of my duties or by virtue of my position as an employee or member of the Saskatoon Police Service.  I will not allow any person to inspect or to have access to any written statement, report, document, correspondence or photograph of which I have charge over.

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