The Value of First Aid

As Police Officers, you hear us speak a lot about the ‘tools in our tool kit’. Being trained in CPR and first aid is another such tool, but it isn’t one you hear of us using too often. We wanted to share a story of how our officers, and their CPR and first aid training helped save the life of a young boy in our community.

It was a Monday morning in early May when a call came over the radio that a child was choking. A three-year-old boy and his parents were sitting down for breakfast – banana pancakes were on the menu. When the boy took more than he could chew, he began to cough; the first sign that something wasn’t right. He started having difficulty breathing.

The first Constable arrived on scene, and after quickly assessing that the boy wasn’t able to answer her questions or cough, she knew she couldn’t wait for MD. She began performing abdominal thrusts, hoping to dislodge the food. It took approximately six thrusts before they heard the boy gasp for air. Her partner who had arrived shortly after her, immediately cleared the food from the airway, allowing the boy to breathe again.

It is instances like this that we realize the magnitude and value of our training and understand why we continue to train for any and all situations.

Without that life-saving training, the outcome of that day could have been very different.

Saving lives isn’t just the job of police officers, fire fighters, paramedics or doctors. If you haven’t been trained in CPR and first aid, consider finding a course near you and becoming certified. You never know when you might be able to help save someone’s life.

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