Top Tips for Winter Driving

After dropping temperatures and a couple weeks of frost-covered windows, the first snowfall of the year blanketed Saskatoon last night.

It’s about this time that I always see a rash of social media posts relating to driving, like the one below.

winter driving tweet

While there are many things to be wary of when it comes to winter driving, here are the top four from our Traffic Unit:

  • Ensure you have a completely clear view to the front and sides of the vehicle.  Scrape away any and all frost/ice from the windshield and side windows before putting your vehicle in drive.
  • Clear away all loose/piled snow from the vehicle and ensure the license plate is visible and clearly readable, as well as your headlights.
  • Give yourself and other drivers more space. Allow yourself more time to get to where you’re going. Drive defensively.
  • Slow down!  Speed limits are posted for ideal driving conditions only.  Not on roads that are covered in snow or ice, while driving in reduced visibility conditions.

Do you have any more that you think should be added? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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One Response to Top Tips for Winter Driving

  1. Steven says:

    make sure the taillights, side markers, and signal lights are all cleared too…
    remove the snow from your roof, hood, and trunk- if not for your own sake, but that of everyone else who can’t see when it blows off your vehicle.
    TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS, not just the DRLs, pretty hard to see a vehicle from behind when the taillights aren’t on

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