What a Cop, Drug Dealer & Colombian Can Teach You About Illicit Drugs

If the title doesn’t make it clear, this isn’t your average drug presentation.

Cst. Matt Ingrouille with support from the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers, the Saskatoon Police Association and the Saskatoon Police Service, is bringing you a different kind of drug awareness program.

The first date for the presentation focuses on education. Cst. Matt Ingrouille will provide an in-depth look at the street drugs effecting the Saskatoon community and provide an overview of addiction. “Phil”, a reformed trafficker, once investigated, charged and convicted by Cst. Matt Ingrouille is now working at his side and sharing his story of addiction, trafficking, and successfully contributing back to his community. George Barreras is a Colombian immigrant, who will provide an international perspective of drug use that is rarely discussed at the community level. His family fled to Saskatoon but not after suffering great loss at the hand of the international drug trade.

The second part will be in partnership with the Saskatoon Health Region and will focus on treatment. It is geared towards the parents of teens who they suspect may already be using.

To RSVP to the event, please visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/458354407682880/

What a Cop, Drug Dealer and Colombian Can Teach You About Illicit Drugs


**Please note that “Phil’s” name has been changed to protect his identity and due to this, photos and videos will be not be permitted at the event.

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