Why Pink?

Post by Cst. Matt Maloney (Cultural Resources Unit)

Pink is just a colour, no different than red, green or blue. But what it has become, is much more than a colour. It’s become a symbol for those who want to stand up and speak out about against bullying and the effect that bullying has.

As members of the Police Service, we regretfully see the ugly side of those effects. It hurts our community, our schools, families and most of all, the individuals. These individuals can do as little as wear the wrong color of shirt on the first day at a new school. That’s when you stand up like Travis Price and David Shepard. They saw the exclusion of a student and took a stand against it. They decided, on that day, not to be bystanders and drew their line in the sand. It was a simple gesture but it took guts, it took passion and it took empathy. They decided to stop thinking and start doing!

In doing so, they empowered not only this youth, but their community, their school and now, people around the world. Every year, over 8 million people worldwide celebrate this movement as the Day of Pink.

The challenge we face is not to make it just for a single day. Remember, pink is just a color but exercising what it stands for is what we need to do every day! Everyone deserves to be respected and we will continue to encourage others to join in the movement to make it an everyday practice.

Day of Pink

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